Home Staging - we will find the perfect furnishing concept for your successful property sale!


  • We sell FASTER through HOME STAGING

  • High probability of achieving a HIGHER PURCHASE PRICE

  • ROOM PROPORTIONS are much more visible & understandable when the room is furnished

  • Missing kitchens are replaced by real looking KITCHEN DUMMIES


  • Faster PURCHASE DECISION by buyers

  • TOP FOTOS of your furnished property

  • VIDEO through your furnished property

Did you know, that an empty room looks smaller than a furnished room? Since the refernce points in the room are misssing in an empty room, an "empty room" always appears smaller to the viewer than a furnished room. With the HOME STAGING FURNITURE we show the room as it really is - very stylish & cozy. Purchasig decisions are made much better and faster as a result.

viason HOME STAGING is the perfect way to put your property in the right light. With our HOME STAGING we optimally prepare your property for sale. With HOME STAGING we sell your property FASTER and often at a HIGHER PURCHASE PRICE.

We achieve MORE INQUIRIES and MORE ATTENTION through our HOME STAGING on the real estate portals.

With HOME STAGING, we equip your property with furniture so that the prospective buyer feels comfortable right away and would like to move in right away. Very few people can imagine a furnished room. With our HOME STAGING, we support the prospective buyer in his imagination with professional HOME STAGING FURNITURE and comfortable lighting, without completely furnishing the property - this is how the prospective buyer finds himself in the property.

Before handing over the sold property to the buyer, we remove all HOME STAGING FURNITURE.




  • VIEW your property

  • Home Staging OFFER

  • If preparatory work such as PAINTING or CLEANING WORK are necessary, you will benefit from our network

  • IMPLEMENTATION of Home Staging (incl. furniture transport, furnishing, mounting the lamps and decoration of the property)

  • PROVISION of all equipment on loan

  • Creation of professional PHOTOS for successful marekting

  • Creation of an apartment VIDEO for successful marketing

  • TRANSPORTATION of all furniture out of the apartment after sale





  • The VIEWING of the property is free

  • The PRICE is based on the requirements of the respective property and depends on the size


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Akad. Immobilienberaterin und Liegenschaftsmanagerin (TU Wien). ÖGHR Home Staging Professional.

Mag. Martin ZAHEL

Mag. Martin ZAHEL