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How does a property valuation free of charge work?


If you want to have your property valuation free of charge, the first step for us is to take a look at your property on site. For a more accurate valuation of your property, it is important to visually determine the condition of the property, the location, the orientation and much more on site. Furthermore, for a more precise evaluation, we need various documents about the property, such as the apartment ownership contract, etc. You will receive a checklist from us. After we have received all the documents about the property, we will send you a written & free of charge evaluation.


I would like to have my property valued online without a personal viewing appointment on site - is this possible?

A serious and above all correct valuation requires that the property is inspected on site by the valuer. Important factors such as the location, the brightness, the condition of the property, the view and other factors that determine the purchase price are required for the property valuation.

How long does a property valuation take?

As a rule, we will send you a property valuation no later than 2 working days after viewing the property. In this context, it is important that we receive all the documents relevant to the valuation from you as the property owner. For this purpose, we will send you a document checklist (e.g. condominium contract, property management forecast for the current year, etc.). Checking all documents including the collection of purchase prices in the land register for similar apartments in the same house, comparing them with other apartments in a similar location and size on the market, viewing the apartment and creating the written valuation takes about 4 hours.

What services do you provide when marketing a property?

With our 15 years of experience in the sale and rental of real estate, we are fully committed to properties. On our homepage you will find all information about our extensive service package for sellers: please click on the LINK: https://www.viason.at/en/services-for-owners-selling

Would you also advise me on the "optimization" of my property before sale - keyword fresh painting etc.?

Yes! If we think, for example, older furniture should be removed before the sale or that the apartment should be painted fresh before selling it, we would recommend this to you and you can decide.  We work with a painter who offers the painting, including the material, covering the floors etc. for an absolute top price. We would provide you our top professional network if you decide to work with viason real estate.

I do not have a notary / lawyer to create the purchase contract - can you recommend one to me?

Yes! We work with very good notaries / lawyers. Benefit from our top professional network.

Do you work with an exclusive brokerage contract or with a simple brokerage contract?

We only work with an exclusive brokerage contract. When selling properties, this contract is limited to a maximum of 6 month if you are a consumer (maximum 3 month if you want to rent your property). If you work with us exclusively for selling your property, only our real estate agency ist allowed to offer your property on the market / in the internet, but no other real estate agent within the 6 month.

Can you show me how professional you present properties on the internet?

You will find our references of the properties we have sold and rented: Please click on the LINK: https://www.viason.at/en/references

Can I get an idea of how satisfied your customers are with your work?

You can find our customer feedback here. Our customers have rated our work via the independent broker evaluation portal (Makler-Empfehlung.at): Please click on the LINK: https://www.viason.at/en/customer-feedback

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Mag. Martin ZAHEL

Mag. Martin ZAHEL



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